We also offer leased IT equipment – beneficial to both the environment and the wallet!

More and more companies and organisations are choosing to finance their equipment through leasing. We have extensive experience in IT financing and can offer tailor-made solutions for any organisation that wants to use new technology without tying up all of the business capital – all at a fixed monthly cost. ReuseIT is highly flexible and can adapt any package to your needs with agreements ranging from one day to a week or even on an ongoing monthly basis.

The benefits include:

  • The budget and investment process is simplified.
  • The company avoids large non-recurring expenses and retains the capital in the bank.
  • Reduce pressure on liquidity. 
  • The lease is tax-deductible, which can help with finances. 
  • Contracts and timescales are tailored to enable the use of equipment that is perfect for the task at hand, at a cost that pleases the CFO. 
  • Det är också enkelt att, inom ramen för avtalet, förändra eller uppgradera utrustningen, något som säkrar en alltid lika modern och uppdaterad utrustning samt minskar risken för felinvesteringar.

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