We renovate and sell computers, smartphones and tablets, thereby extending the life of existing IT equipment.

All our products are thoroughly reviewed, tested and refurbished by our experienced technicians.

ReuseIT Sweden offers a comprehensive solution for recycling a wide range of electronic equipment. Our proprietary digital tools make the process simple, clear and secure. ReuseIT guarantees both a sustainable and secure process, whether you want to get the most out of your IT investment, refurbish for sale or donate to a charity. All items are thoroughly checked and any identifying marks removed or residual data wiped before the equipment is refurbished. We record every step of this process and a report is delivered containing certificates confirming data and identity wiping, repairs and any other work undertaken on the item in question. We provide a valuation based on a fixed price list that is revised monthly.

During the process, all the information about your IT equipment is available through our customer portal. Here you will find inventory lists, identity and data wiping certificates, valuations and the carbon dioxide savings you can claim.

The services are delivered to or are performed in collaboration with:

• Product suppliers & manufacturers
• Resellers & system integrators
• IT service companies
• Finance companies
• End customers in the private & public sector

Our process

Logistics – collection and transportation

We employ freight handlers who can collect and deliver your equipment safely and reliably. This includes options to dismantle and pack obsolete IT equipment on-site. For sensitive data on hard disks and other digital storage media, we offer a secure and sealed method of transportation for peace of mind. Our long experience of shipping a wide range of IT equipment ensures we use methods that minimise the risk of damage caused by transportation.

We offer complete tracking of any equipment handled by us. Through our in-house systems, our customers can follow their equipment from door to door. Each unit that arrives at our facility is assigned a new identification number that enables you to track your items throughout the process. Detailed information about the status of any piece can easily be accessed from our systems. Each customer has access to a customer portal to be able to review test reporting, unit status and other information linked to the equipment.

GDPR, security & data erasure

Large amounts of information are handled daily by computers at various workplaces. Confidential and company-specific information is stored together with other data in your computers. When employees leave or when computers are replaced, information handled in the computer still remains even though the user has deleted all visible content. A computer can therefore pose a security risk if it falls into the wrong hands. With the correct data management processes, computers can be reused without compromising information security.

Deletion of data on client and server equipment takes place at our security centre in Växjö. ReuseIT is a certified partner of Blancco and for the deletion, we use their market-leading software that is fully compliant with the requirements of the GDPR. The deletion method with Blancco Datacleaner involves overwriting the information up to four times. For each device that is deleted, a certificate of data erasure is provided. Hard disks that cannot be erased with our software are removed for magnetic erasure and physical destruction.

The wiping of data can also be undertaken during the de-installation whilst on-site, prior to shipping to our facilities.

Recycling report

In connection with the recycling process, a detailed report is created which outlines the value of the equipment handled and the status of the units. The recycling report also contains certificates of data wiping as well as information on parts and units that have been recycled, instead of refurbished. The customer can choose how often they receive feedback from us, whether it is for each part, batch or any other interval.