Decades of experience!

After starting as a smaller, dynamic company, ReuseIT became part of a larger global brand before returning to a setup where we can combine the best of both worlds. Our core values have remained the same since we started in 1988 – help our customers to reuse their IT equipment sustainably and efficiently. The technology may have grown in leaps and bounds since the 1980s, but our pioneering approach is more and more relevant than ever before. Reuse instead dispose – extract more value for your investment whilst building an environmentally friendly business model!

Our work, as ever, is built on the principles of safety, competence and quality, and today ReuseIT is one of Scandinavia’s leading ITAD players with customers and partners in both the Nordic and wider European markets. Our customers include private individuals, companies and educational institutions and we have the highest credit rating according to UC. The Group also own ReuseIT Finance AB (ithyra.nu).



1988 – IGUS Data AB was founded.
2008 – ReuseIT Scandinavia AB was founded.
2010 – IGUS Data AB and ReuseIT merged with GREENTECH to form GREENTECH Holding with operations throughout the Nordic region.
2013 – Arrow Electronics acquired the GREENTECH group.
2019 – Arrow Electronics closed the ITAD business
2019 – ReuseIT Sweden AB took over the Swedish operations and launched ReuseIT Sweden AB
2020 – Onwards and upwards…

Our business model

We buy all types of used IT equipment from organisations and companies. The devices are thoroughly wiped of all data before being repaired, refurbished and tested. Our goal is to extend the life of fully functional IT, rather than wastefully upgrading unnecessarily, and so reduce the environmental impact of this core part of modern businesses. We specialise in the Swedish and European markets. Our customers include private individuals, companies and educational institutions. 

Business information

ReuseIT Sweden AB
Renvägen 1, 352 45 VÄXJÖ
Tfn: 0470 – 70 35 00
E-post: info@reuseit.se

Org.nr: 556210-6404
VAT no: SE556210640401
Bank: Nordea